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Hi! My name is EK Jonathan and I like to write stories for Witnesses. My first book, All Things New, was completed in 2013 and is available here for purchase as a paperback. If you'd like to read a digital copy (eBook), please visit this link: www.allthingsnewnovel.blogspot.com

My second novel, The Unrighteous, is finished and currently being released one chapter per week at www.theunrighteousnovel.blogspot.com As with the first book, an eBook will soon be available for download, and eventually a paperback version should be available for purchase here.

Please keep in mind that these are works of fiction and not meant to be dogmatic in any way. As I mention in the Foreword for both books, none of us has any idea exactly how things will unfold in the future. However, thinking about our hope and discussing it is both beneficial and exciting. It is my intention that readers will approach these books with this mindset and come away with something encouraging and thought-provoking!