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How do I pay?

All payments are handled safely through Paypal. Paypal account are easy to set up and completely free and can process credit card payments. (Follow the steps through the checkout process to have a look)

What are the shipping costs?

For books shipped to the continental United States, shipping is $4. (Additional books cost $2 each)
For books shipped internationally, shipping is $12. (Additional books cost $6 each)

Can I buy a book and send it to someone else as a gift?

Yes. Just add a note of where you'd like to send it to (a detailed address, along with the recipient's name) in the "Note" section of the Paypal checkout page. However, please keep in mind that I cannot attach a personal note for the recipient in the package. Please do this via direct communication.

Oh no! The books are sold out! What do I do?

Because I'm printing the books in very low quantities, they can sell out quickly. They will be restocked shortly. Send me an email if you'd like to reserve a copy.