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"The Unrighteous" Paperback Novel


(CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Estimated to be restocked in June.)

Nearly two centuries have passed since the rightous stepped through the turbulent last days into the New World. Humanity has enjoyed unprecedented peace and prosperity. The Earth, along with its wildlife, has flourished under humans’ attentive care.

But with the return of the resurrected unrighteous from the Old World, society is faced with personalities and beliefs from a past it has left behind. Tasked with the education and care of the unrighteous, the righteous are presented with challenges they could have never imagined…

Softcover paperback. Printed on white 70g paper. 400 pages. 1" thick (2.5cm)
Dimensions: 5.8" x 8.3" (14.8cm x 21cm, A5 standard)